HSE Policy

Hofincons is committed to protecting the Health and Safety of everybody involved in our activities, with the people who come into contact in our operations and the physical & natural environments in which we work.

Our Objectives:

  • Aspire to high standards of practice through a process of continuous improvement and the adoption of international codes and standards where practicable
  • Zero Harm to people and the environment
  • To show leadership in the field of HSE management
  • To work in a responsible and sustainable manner

Our Methods: Hofincons will meet the objectives by:

  • Implementing management systems that accord to our Health, Safety and Environmental standards;
  • Ensure our operations comply with applicable HSE laws and statutory requirements;
  • Implement controls to protect all personnel involved and preventing environment damage;
  • Provide HSE training to our employees and actively promote awareness of HSE issues;
  • Employing contractors committed to meeting our HSE standards;
  • Foster culture where accidents, incidents & near misses are reported & investigated and the lessons learned are shared throughout the organization;
  • Monitor performance & conduct audits to ensure the controls are effective in achieving HSE aspirations;
  • Set objectives & targets for improving HSE performance, monitor & report openly on our performance;
  • Place high priority on emergency preparedness & contingency planning; and
  • Consult with and respond to the concerns of stakeholders on our Health, Safety & Environmental Performance.

This policy applies to all areas of Hofincons operations and to every individual of Hofincons for complying with the HSE policy & standards