Company Profile


Marshall Institute, U.S.A
Total Reliability concept implementation and Training
Marshall Institute is an asset management consulting and training company dedicated to helping companies improve the maintenance contribution to their organizational performance. For over 35 years, Marshall Institute has provided world-class consulting and training services, led by experienced, knowledgeable consultants and training professionals producing tangible, measurable results for clients. Marshall Institute was established in 1975 by the renowned maintenance pioneer and educator, George Smith.
GroupCytek, U.K.
Control Automation Company
GroupCytek, founded in 1993, is a successful platform independent automation, engineering and project management company in the process, manufacturing and infrastructure industries. GroupCytek has extensive experience across a wide range of industries and systems; providing managed engineering services and turnkey solutions that cover the complete project life cycle from front end proposals and consultations through design, development and procurement to installation, commissioning, test and deployment.
Plant Integrity Management, U.K.
Risk and Inspection Integrity Services
Hofincons has partnered with PIM for providing Risk & Inspection Integrity services. PIM provides high value, high quality, integrity management services, ranging from expert consultancy advice, to development and optimisation studies tailored to specific needs.