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Rusayl Institute
Blending and supply of specialized chemicals to the Oil Industry.
Rusayl Chemicals was created with the aim of blending and supply of specialized chemicals to the Oil Industry.
In 2002, it became a division of Hofincons & Company LLC. Since then it has been stellar business platform for value added products of International repute to the end users. Such chemicals compliments services to the Oil and Gas Industry including drilling engineering, natural gas dehydration system for EOR (Enhanced Oil recovery) as well as other engineering chemistry, such as in the field of acidizing, cementing, fracturing. These Chemicals were also extensively used for water purification and in the operations of RO (Reverse Osmosis) plants). Our commitment is to focus on the client's ultimate objectives, to assist and respond with new ideas and upper hand solutions
Ion Exchange and Company LLC.
A joint venture between Hofincons & Co. LLC. and Ion Exchange India
Ion Exchange, pioneered water treatment in India and premier company in providing total water solutions for home, industry and communities. Integrated process technology, design engineering, and environment management capability, with a strong international presence. Ion Exchange India currently employs 1,000 people - multi-disciplinary teams of highly experienced professional manager’s technologists and scientists, supported by a widespread infrastructure world wide
Tamimah Consultancy Group
A pioneer in economics & financial consultancy in the Sultanate of Oman.
Tamimah Consultancy Group (TCG) was founded in 1984 by a number of highly qualified and experienced Omanis in association with international firms to provide consultancy services based on their expertise and experience in the Omani environment. The company services specifically incorporated Omani participation in the preparation and evaluation of studies to overcome the problems experienced by some international firms in implementing projects in a region where they lacked sufficient knowledge of the Omani socio-economic structure to successfully realize project objectives and goals
SAP* business solutions and services
edgetec provides SAP* business solutions and services optimized for your business ensuring the agility, efficiency and ability to innovate that are required to gain the competitive edge essential to outperform the market in our increasingly complex and global economy.
Our customer oriented consultants work with and listen to our customers to identify best business practices and deliver process excellence through the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or SAP Business ByDesign solution implemented for their organization. Our consultant’s deep knowledge of SAP solutions and experience with the latest methodologies, along with their passion for quality and commitment to success, ensure cost effective, rapid deployment of all SAP business solutions and generate sustainable value for both our customers and their customers. The SAP ERP application provides a comprehensive set of integrated, cross-functional business processes that can help organizations gain enhanced enterprise productivity and insight. As a result, they can achieve numerous advantages, such as adapting quickly and cost-effectively to changing business, market, and industry requirements while reducing costs and risk and enhancing corporate performance.
SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. Founded in 1972, SAP (which stands for "Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing") has a rich history of innovation and growth as a true industry leader. Today, SAP has sales and development locations in more than 75 countries worldwide . SAP applications and services enable more than 109,000 customers worldwide to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.
Polyglot Institute Oman LLC.
Polyglot was established in 1975
Polyglot pioneered vocational training provision within the Sultanate of Oman. The Ministry of Labour Force recognizes and classified Polyglot as a Grade A Institute. Acquired the Internationally acclaimed Quality Management System certificate ISO 9001:2000and became the first Institute in Sultanate of Oman to achieve this certification.
Tamimah Telecom & Computer Technology
Tamimah is an entrepreneurial company established in 1984 with its main subsidiaries
Tamimah Consultancy Group, a pioneer in economics & financial consultancy in the Sultanate of Oman and Tamimah Telecom & Computer Technology (TTCT), a technology management company specializing in the core technologies of Internet and telecommunications, and it is also the Home of Oman web directory.
As a part of TTCT services we provide cost effective Technology transfer / custom development of software, firmware and hardware for specialised applications including embedded processor based devices, device driver development, system software and internet applications. In the software products area, we have concentrated on the development of cutting edge telephony technology that empowers to integrate IVRS and SMS systems with users existing solutions, M-Commerce a system supporting SMS M-Commerce transactions and an alert system for monitoring / control critical installations and equipments system with an embedded voice response unit and GSM communication engine.
Knowledge Grid LLC.
Technical and non-technical training programs
TAMKEEN is a set of technical and non-technical training programs that focus on bridging the gap between standard education outputs and industry talent requirements.
TAMKEEN delivers client-specific training, career development programs, and customized training solutions to enrich practical experience and optimize individual, group and organizational performance. All the courses and programmes are delivered by Fully Qualified Trainers/ Instructors that are selected based on their training performance. All Instructors / trainers are also industry & sector competent so you will always be assured that the information is being delivered by someone with not only experience in that subject but also within that industry sector.
Rusayl Institute LLC
A technical training centre
Rusayl Institute llc,situated in Rusayl Institute Industrial Estate, is a technical training centre housed in modern premises, equipped with latest, sophisticated equipment and supported by highly qualified, well experienced Technical and Management Professionals in the field of Training solutions. The Institute is managed by Polyglot Institute Oman llc, the first private institute in Oman to be awarded with ISO 9001:2000 certificate
Sohar International Institute LLC
Technical and Commercial training
Sohar International Institute llc, The institute is located in expanding greater Sohar area is to provide Technical & Commercial quality training within in accordance with international standard. The Institute is constructed over a land of 18,888 sq.mts. With Total build up area of about 5,000 sq.
Property and Financial consultancy service
i2Offshore offers a consultancy service that includes financial advice, property investments, medical insurance and mortgages using a general financial planning outlook to take care of our client needs.
Our range of services is vast for the fields that we operate in. We are updating that product range and will announce all developments on this site as we go. At i2Offshore we aim to find out from our clients at what point in their lives that they wish to be financially secure. Getting to that point involves financial commitments along the way, be they house purchases, mortgages, holiday homes, retirement funds, children, children's education and University fees etc. By listening to our client we are able to show them how to achieve their financial objectives that are of course created by how they live and how they spend. Every client is different. We can then advise on what way to make their money grow, be that through stocks and shares, bonds, property investments, alternative investments, such as hedge or futures funds and other forms of investments.