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Message from MD

Mr. Vijay ChintalapudiManaging Director
Our pathway to all round success is developed based on our principles of commitment, excellent quality, and of value added solutions.
Having been involved in the Oil & Gas sector for over 30 years, our company envisions being trusted partners in the world for delivering exceptional and impeccable solutions.
In the Heart and Mind of our staff, achieving results is always crucial but safety & quality is never sacrificed. Our dedication in providing highly professional and sustainable services at cost effective prices is a testament to our commitment. we offer quality solutions and technologically advanced services to our customers.
It gives me great satisfaction to know that our contribution to our customers enable them to operate pivotal aspects of their business in a more efficient, economical and, very safe environment. Customer satisfaction is the hallmark by which we measure our performance.
We consistently strive to maintain competitiveness, while sustaining healthy growth for the benefit of our customers satisfaction, in line with our specialized services.